You Remember That “Unwelcome Buried Treasure” I Found…

back in  ?

well, i’ve transferred it all into a document and put it in the “Old Shit and Bad Shit” file.
i’m really down with the idea that there should be someone assigned to wipe your hard drives in the event of your death… for me, not only wipe the hard drives but take the flash drives and make sure nothing in the old shit and bad shit file ever sees the light of day. some of the other stuff on the flash drives, maybe… not this stuff. i can’t bring myself to delete it, but they should.

probably need to put those provisions in my will… probably need to make a will, come to think of it.

and upon typing it out – ye Gods an’ wee l’il fishies, it sucked. the only saving grace is that it was put in the composition book when my handwriting was still legible.
hell of a way to spend a Sunday morning.

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Mood: need more coffee

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