You Know, I Suck At Blogging…

now i can put some of that down to a stealth case of depression this past month, but part of it’s my posting on Wastebook. lots of interesting things end up there that might’ve ended up  here, had i come here first.
but i didn’t, so they sit on the Zuckenstein’s monstrous misshapen creation, and lazy prick that i am, this blog is ignored.
i’d like to say that’s going to change. i’d also like to say i’m the Emperor of the Known Universe.
but i am looking at ways to change the frequency with which i don’t post here.
this also tends to end up being where i dump far more personal stuff than i would generally post on Wastebook.
lucky y’all.
it’s not really an author’s blog. it’s more my personal psychic dumping ground and traveling road spew. yeah, you get stuff like speed writing pieces, but you also get reminiscences about my life, philosophical naval-gazing, and general bullshit.

listening to: “Magnum Opus”, Kansas, “Two for the Show”
mood: productive

One thought on “You Know, I Suck At Blogging…

  1. You’re not any worse at blogging than me. I haven’t written anything in a year, I think. I suppose I should go write something, just to let people know I’m alive.

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