Y’know, sometimes a change is what’s needed…

I’m been a fan of LiveJournal for a lot of years, I have mirror accounts at Dreamwidth and InsaneJournal… and I don’t post much anymore.
It’s all because of FaceBook.
Now, please understand, I hate FB only slightly less than I hate MySpace, and I hate MyWaste a lot, but FB’s just so goddamn easy! In my disgust with FB, I even invested in Diaspora only to find they’d created a more secure FB clone instead of something new and different. (That’s the only Kickstarter project I’d really like my money back on.)
So I’ve been posting my links and little rants and screeds on FB and my LiveJournal account, as well as its mirrors, have been languishing, unloved and abandoned.
Let’s try this here fancy blogspot thang.
Like its older predecessors, it’ll contain whatever the hell I feel like writing about, will almost certainly contain profanity, and will often wave at the boundaries of polite discourse as I go speeding by them.

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