Y’Know, Maybe More Writers Should Take Up Editing Professionally

So I’m looking at the “low prices just so as to be affordable to Indie Authors” rates from the woman who’s behind Red Adept Reviews, and the average is 0.0065 cents per word. Now, being mathematically challenged in that way that requires me to actually do the math before forming an opinion, I ran the numbers for “On A Road Going Nowhere”… twice…
$708.19 for spelling, grammar, composition, two sets of eyes looking it over and perhaps some feedback on flow and such.
Now I ain’t sayin’ it wouldn’t be worth it – hell, their editing pass might be just the thing any Indie novel needs to make it shine, and I totally agree that the more professional-appearing a book is, the more likely I am to not hurl it across the room/delete it from the Kindle. But for that kind of money, from where I’m sitting right now – on any project I’m working on – there’s no way in hell… not even with copious amounts of wanton sex thrown in with the lust object of my choice.
Not to mention “Yog’s Law” (“Money flows toward the author.”), I keep hearing in the back of my head the old sales pitch from vanity presses – “You have to have enough faith to invest in yourself!
So, y’all get out those books on English Composition and the rules of punctuation, grammar, spelling and such and hang out our shingles. I’m thinking you can undercut the hell out of that price… hell, Shandy (a fellow writer at Cen-Tex) could probably charge more than that and deliver results well worth it.
It could well be raining soup… perhaps some of the more educated and learned among my writer friends should get a bucket and go into professional editing. Indie publishing isn’t going anywhere except up…

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  1. Good god. I’ve considered being a freelance copyeditor. I think it’d make me feel too dirty though. Might as well be an Wall St. investor or a banker if I’m gonna do that.

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