Y’know, I Suck At Keeping A Blog Current…

the proper response is something along the lines of, “No shit? Really? What was your first clue, Sherlock?” i never mean for it to be so long between posts – it just turns out that way. i don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, i view them as an invitation to failure, but if i were to consider such, managing at least one blog post a week would be on the list… i think using this as my primary source of updating, and then linking to the blog on WasteBook would help. information flows pretty well that way, as opposed to the opposite. no matter how much i might plan to, reposting stuff in her from FB just isn’t going to happen.

it’s been an interesting three months since my last post, although a lot of that ‘interesting’ really wouldn’t be relevant to most of y’all, so skip it i shall.

as always, more projects going than i know what to do with, and achieving progress on them with the speed of a glacier. i can make all the excuses i want – and that’s what 95% of them would be, excuses not reasons –  but a lack of focus and self-discipline covers the reality of the situation quite nicely.

i’ve thought about some writers’ practice of putting up excerpts from what they’re working on at the time as a promotional tool. maybe it works for them, maybe it doesn’t, but at the end of the day, i refuse to read such posts – don’t want spoilers and/or to be teased with something that’s not finished yet – so i won’t do ’em.  now, i might consider doing excerpts from a book i’m not writing, but the problem is if it turns out to be entertaining, i’ll have people telling me i should write THAT story/novella/novel/multi-book series, and i got too much on the plate as it is. still… i’ve done something similar before, and really enjoyed it.
we’ll see.

okay, as this post was never meant to be more than an acknowledgement of just how shitty my blogging skills are, we’ll close for now.

listening to: the sound of silence… it’s cold outside, the house is cool, the dogs are behaving…
mood: somewhat contemplative with just a touch of remorse

One thought on “Y’know, I Suck At Keeping A Blog Current…

  1. Maybe you could just consider your blog like postcards to a friend. I’ve often thought it would be cool to write postcards regularly. There’s not really room to say much, but people love to hear you’re thinking about them. Your life is your brain adventure, to me it’s like a exotic vacation, no matter how mundane the segments may be… I don’t think like you.

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