Y’Know, I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like ‘Dis…

no, there’s not a market for dark little Oz stories – but there may be a market for dark Oz novels, and i can use that short as the 1st prologue of such a novel – i’ve had my eye on a nasty magic/technology armageddon Oz novel for quite some time – this may well be how to begin it.

got word today that “Saying Your Goodbyes” has found a home… if i’m willing to do some trimming down. i’m more than willing to do that – tomorrow about 2 pm Rie and i start cutting. so, hopefully, after the first of next year it’ll be published in an anthology from Nevermet Press, and may well be appearing on their website afore then.

the friday night group, “abusing the universe”, will be taking a look at ‘The Lament of Maryam” as my submission this week. we’ll see what comes out of that and hopefully it’ll be in some kind of shape to be sent out by the end of this weekend.

there’s a story i need to write that none of y’all will ever see, something to help me deal with recent events in my wife’s job search. i’ve got way too much hate built up to be healthy, and i need to funnel it somewhere.

i’m thinking in addition to the already full plate of projects i’m not working on/finishing, i need to churn out some short stories, just to wrap my brain in some short, satisfying, easily completed projects… of course, see above.

Listening to: White Rabbit – Emiliana Torrini
Mood: pretty damn good, how’s it with you?

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