Wow, The News – It Just Keeps A-Happenin’

The big news, my mother passed away at some point this last weekend – they found her body on Sunday, late afternoon.  I’ll know more after tomorrow, in all probability. It was unexpected. I’m coping. Further deponent sayeth not.

My vampire novel, “On A Road Going Nowhere”, that started out as a serialized piece of erotica (nine billion revisions ago) has finally been put up for sale for the Kindle.
I’ve been working on this one for so long, I can’t be anything close to objective. The marketplace will tell me if it’s any good.

I was trying to get a story together for Sky Warrior Books “Zombified” anthology – thought I had an idea. Took it, played with it, still like it, but it didn’t gel, so I’ll come back and revisit it later. Oh well, no story for ‘Zombified’. Sunday morning, 5 AM, story idea gels – a completely different one than the story I’d already wrote about 4000 words on. Deadline for submission, today – Monday – by midnight. Wow, a day and three-quarters to write up to 7000 words on the end of the world – I can do this! News about Mom… I can still do this, really won’t mind having something to distract myself. Finished it today, and thanks to editing passes by Becky Kyle and Rie Sheriden Rose, it was whipped into shape and submitted. I don’t mind writing under pressure, but this was a little insane.

Looked at upcoming anthologies and contests, the next one I need worry about has a deadline of September 1… wow, a whole two weeks – let’s see if anything comes together.

I still have to finish Chapter 60 of “Oil of Roses”, have started another writing project (just because I’m a goddamn crazy man) and life is continuing on its chunky, chuckley way.

I’ll write about Mom at some point, probably here on the blog – no matter our differences, so much of who I am is because of her.
But not today.

Listening to: the house, settling down for the night
Mood: kinda numb

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