Wow, I Suck At Blogging Regularly

so, i was watching 1970’s “Patton”, and when it came to the intermission, i got to thinking ‘when was the last time i saw a movie in the theater which had an intermission?’
i know branagh’s “Hamlet” had an intermission, and ye gods an’ wee fishies, my butt appreciated it, i think “Titanic” did when we saw it, maybe Jackson’s “King Kong”…
i’m not a big fan of forcing films to stay under a certain length, so more showings can be run in a day. if your film is big, epic, you should feel free to make it the length you feel it needs to be.
now, if it’s “the hangover 4: the bile speweth”, no – keep it under 90 minutes… preferably about three minutes, which would be a trailer, and a big ol’ “Just Kidding” at the end of it.

elsewhere in the news, work continues on a number of projects, blah, blah, blah… y’all know the drill. the september short story ended up being the first part of a three chapter novelette (please, dear Creative, don’t let it grow to a novella). chapters 11, 12, & 13 of “oil of roses: beyond the wall of thorns” are still getting sections written rather higgledy-piggledy, so it feels like a jigsaw puzzle sometimes. “falling angels” is slowly having plot holes patched, and every time i think i’ve got the whole of the plot worked out, something else rears its head and utters the hated words “what about…”.
and then there are the other little projects which occasionally get patted on their punkin’ heads an’ told “i’ll get around to you… soon”.

something i’ve come to realize lately, in part courtesy of a conversation with Cap’n Double-Mama Rachel Brune, is that stories are often helped by ‘breathing room’. unlike the rest of reality, where everything tends to enjoy an entropic descent into a low-energy state, if you give stories some time – not forever, or we’d never get anything done – they can develop a greater complexity. all the threads you’ve already got can, as you get a better grip on them, and the possibilities they provide, evolve into a deeper, and more satisfying story than you’d originally envisioned.
of course, being me, there’s still room in my schedule for “holy-shit-last-minute-mad-dashes-for-the-finish-line”, where the story barely has time to be written at all, much less grow and mature into a better story.
but i’m rather amazed by the story that’s evolving in the novelette. threads i put in for no apparent reason other than they sounded good at the time are weaving themselves into a larger tapestry.

and finally, both Dorris’s and my job hunting continues. finances are getting ever tighter, and i’m really hoping we don’t lose this house. it has its problems, but it’s been home for a lot of years.


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