Well, If This Works, Let’s All Give A Cheer…

So after a lot of hard work from my talented daughter, I may have a web site that doesn’t look like a ’90’s throwback.

This is a Good Thing, and makes me very happy.

Several things I realize, looking at it now.

1. My God, Conan looks young in that ‘Donate’ picture. He’s 14 now, a distinguished member of the house’s senior staff.

2. I really fuckin’ need to get on a stick and get some more stuff published, either by me or someone else.

3. After re-reading the free samples on this site, I’m still proud of all of them.

4. The left-0ver chicken strips I had for brunch may not be enough… okay, the web site’s not responsible for this one.

5. The whole “Central Texas Home for the Terminally Twitchy” motif works real well for me and my work/sense of humor/general outlook on life.

So now I’m going to post this, and y’all’re invited to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the new look, send praise Jacqueline Reader’s way for her superb work on the site, and in general, run around behind each other, clutching at each other’s asses, shouting “OOOGA BOOGA!”


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