Wakin’ Up On The Wrong Side O’ The Bed…

and then courtesy of music, gettin’ my shit straightened out.
Any time I start to doubt my belief that music, in all its many genres and forms, is literally the Voice of God (yeah, my conception of the Deity has a billion voices, and there’s a lot of ’em I don’t like, but that doesn’t change their holiness), I have an experience like this morning, where I wake up in a mood so foul the dawgs even avoid me (well, besides Conan, who very quietly and gently sits between my feet and lets me know he loves me no matter what) – and then music takes everything I thought was a problem and a pain and puts it in perspective as those Voices of God cradle my soul and lift it up.
In that elevation I’m reminded that nothing stands between me and happiness but myself.
It truly is a Blessed way to start a day, and my thanks to Tim Collier, Larry Hughes and Don Ferree for providing this morning’s grant of Grace.

Listening to: “Desolation Row” – My Chemical Romance
Mood: jubilant

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