Thoughts on Serial Killers…

so, i’m slowly working my way through Harold Schechter’s “The Serial Killer Files” and finding out that some of the “conventional wisdom”, especially as portrayed in television and films, doesn’t hold up under examination of the evidence.
“Most serial killers are white males”… well, in the U.S., maybe – face it, the socioeconomic and family factors that help produce psychopaths are endemic in the black population of the U.S.
“But there aren’t that many black serial killers!”
A question I asked myself and answered, courtesy of what I’m learning:
“Who do black serial killers kill?”
“Who cares, as long as their victims aren’t white.”
yeah, serial killers tend to stay in their own racial groups (except when they don’t) but overall, that’s accurate. but who really cares, in society at large, if another ten or twenty or fifty or a hundred blacks on the bottom rungs of the economic and social ladder go missing? who’ll notice? what news media will report it? it’s an undeniable truth of white privilege that crimes against white are investigated much more thoroughly than in any other racial group, crimes against the wealthy draw much more attention, so as long as the killers are even semi-smart, they have a pool of victims they can hunt in at will, and society-wide, no one important is going to take much notice.
for that matter, look at the killings in Juarez, Mexico… who really cares if poor factory-working women are slaughtered? yeah, it gets some press – and every time it draws an uncomfortable amount of attention, the police put up another sacrificial suspect and claim the case is closed.
and the killings just keep going on… not even their own police care enough to pay the problem more than lip service.

and that answer keeps popping up in my head…
“Who cares, as long as their victims aren’t white.”

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