The Weekly Insanity Report

“Icarus” anthology (deadline 7/31/12)
“Speculative Novellas of Older Women” (deadline 9/30/12)
Doorways to Extra Time (deadline 10/15/12)

Okay – in the mail today came my 6 month sales/royalty check from Amazon Digital Services…
Still and all, a hundred bucks and change that I didn’t have before I went to the mailbox.

Elsewhere in the news, working on another story set in the “Biking Home for the Apocalypse” universe… not sure what the fuck I’m going to do with it once I finish it. We’ll see how it works out.

“Falling Angels”, the noir-ish novella+ is talking to me again, pretty insistently. The action needs a lot of punching up, one of the villains needs a moderate amount more depth, the mechanisms leading to the ending have changed quite a bit. Having said all that – revisions… ugh.

Need to expand “Behind the Tailor’s Door”, see about placing it somewhere that pays. If anyone knows of a potential home for a sick little story about a Victorian serial killer who isn’t named Jack, lemme know. Another story I think I’ll have a problem placing, simply because it’s not SF&F… and it’s sick.

Need to shit or get off the pot about “The Lament of Maryam” – either expand it into a real story or throw it as is up on Amazon for .99. There’s a larger story there, but I really like it the way it stands. A vignette that goes for the gut and is out the door before you know it.

I want to rework and possibly slightly expand my story “A Spring Afternoon” and see if possibly I can place it with Conclave.

I need to finish “Wheels Within Wheels” for the Victorian chapbook – and if I can place “BtTD” professionally, another story for the chapbook as well.

“Finding Common Ground”, my SF story with a minimal amount of SF in it, is also on the list, as is “Slapping Skin for the Skinless”, “Oil of Rose” Chapter 61, and a couple of other porn-projects.

So I’m going to get out of this furshlugginer chair and go play a bit of the first Lego “Batman”.

listening to: “Up Up Up” – Kerli
mood: indecisive

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