The Weekend That Was

so Friday night was a good meeting of our Abusing-the-Universe writing group… got some good feedback, hopefully gave some as well. ran the contest piece that i’m rushing on past them, have started getting some feedback on that.
(yeah, part of my mind is still boggling that from nothing i managed two short stories in one week… insane… couldn’t have been me)

Saturday morning i had a lovely visit with Scott, a guy i haven’t seen in (really don’t want to think about this) 19 years – it’s odd, but you can compress 19 years into a relatively short description – it helps if you only give the good stuff passing mention and save most of the synopsis for the really fucked up, but funny, shit. it was great to see how well he’s done for himself… it made me happy.
then, because that’s what the universe likes to do, i had Mortality slap me in the face – i was literally just about to ask about another mutual friend of ours, and Scott told me he was dead.

it’s cliche as ‘dark and stormy nights’, but people drift out of your life, nobody’s fault, shit just happens, and you turn around and they’re gone and you don’t know what you missed, who they became, what they achieved… they’re just gone. and you tell yourself “can’t/won’t let that happen with anyone else” and you have all those good intentions but then life gets in the way again and you don’t mean to, you really don’t, but that immediacy, that Mortality slips away from you because face it – he’s a real unwelcome house guest – and you forget… until the next time you get slapped.
so i got a readers digest version of the years since i’d last seen him, up until his passing, from another member of the old gang. it wasn’t enough – but nothing could be. it was enough for me to smile, and know that he’d found happiness and joy in the intervening years.
some days, that’s the best you can get.

the afternoon was relaxing – doing some brainless shit while Lee and Dorris played ‘dungeon siege III’ on the xbox, then we watched the first three eps of “Torchwood: Miracle Day” – very happy with it so far, ecstatic that Eve Myles is back as Gwen Cooper – my favorite character. ate some of Bubba Lee’s superb goulash for supper – all in all, a good day.

sunday was writing, getting stuff organized, looking over some pieces for other authors… a productive day. took some breaks to clear some stuff off the dvr with Dorris.
i continue to be amazed that my Muse is playing so nicely with me. it’s an interesting change from her normal all-consuming madness… i can live with this pretty damn easily. here’s hoping it continues as i’ve got a metric assmass of writing to get done in the next several weeks.

Listening to: Nitrus – Dick Dale
Mood: down, but climbing my way out

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