The State of the Jim

Okay, for those of you who aren’t following me on FaceBook
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(and if you aren’t, well, all you’re really missing is my usual drivel, links to things I find intriguing/outrageous and a series of mostly coffee-related haiku), here’s the quick recap:

I’ve been inhaling documentaries (streamed from Netflix), on anything and everything, while playing Gemcraft: Labyrinth (no, I won’t provide a link, I will not be an enabler in furthering addiction to that form of electronic crack).

I’m in the final stages (please dear God I hope) of getting “On A Road Going Nowhere” ready for self-publication, I’ve started prepping “First Star I See Tonight” for self-publication, I’m arguing with a bunch of other stories, and hope someday to perhaps get the next chapter of my Soap Opera From Hell posted at Storiesonline.
That Place Where My Erotica Is Posted…

I’m mentally preparing myself for A-Kon June 10-12 where “The Ladies of Trade Town” (an anthology I’m published in) is getting a Grand Launch (20,000 fans in a relatively enclosed space… I will require a modicum of self-medication), including a ‘Meet the Authors’ panel, a mass autograph session and a gala launch party.
A-Kon… my old friend
The Ladies of Trade Town

At present my Kindle and my bedside table are allowing me to fully engage in my “Reading way too many damn books at one time fetish” A partial list:
The Serial Killer Files – Harold Schechter
Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams – Nick Tosches
The Postman – David Brin
Pride and Prostitutes – Amanda Gannon & Paul D. Batteiger
Jennifer Government – Max Barry
Voodoo Histories: The Role of the Conspiracy Theory in Shaping Modern History – David Aaronovitch
The Right Stuff – Tom Wolfe
Constantine’s Sword: The Church and the Jews – James Carroll
The Civil War: A Narrative – Shelby Foote
Brewing Fine Fiction – ed. Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff & Pati Nagle
Ozma of Oz – L. Frank Baum
On the Grid – Scott Huler
Zen in the Art of Writing – Ray Bradbury
Hamlet’s Hit Points – Robin D. Laws

“Your Highness” in theaters – okay, I’ve never played in a D&D group with even a tenth as many dick jokes, as many dope jokes or characters as incompetent as Thaddeus, but otherwise, yeah, pretty much “Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie”. There’s some real creativity in this film, as well as a budget for special effects – and alas it’s probably going to be better than the upcoming remake of “Conan”. We enjoyed it, we laughed a lot, we think other gamers will as well.

A shout out to “Justified” on FX – yeah, it’s the show that makes me ‘squee’ – if I can’t watch Timothy Olyphant as the Grim Servant of Death, Seth Bullock, in “Deadwood”, I’ll gladly watch him as the not-quite-so-Grim Servant of Death, Raylan Givens. The continuing character arc of Boyd Crowder (played brilliantly by Walton Goggins) is a beautiful example of a man whose past will not let him go.

Four days till the premiere of “A Game of Thrones” on HBO… I am withholding any squee’s until I’m watching it – otherwise my wife would hit me to make me shut up. (Yes, my squee’s are as annoying as any you’ve ever heard).

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