The State of the Jim, 5/15/11

i’m having flashbacks to college years that i didn’t have – yeah, need more caffeine to make that coherent… i didn’t discover the joys of cheeseless pizza until my second marriage, so mid-eighties, but i’m sitting here having left-over pizza for breakfast and getting a strong ‘college days’ vibe…

okay, it’s official, my lazy ass is so far behind on so many different projects at once that i am officially granting myself amnesty, declaring myself ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary from the kingdom of procrastination, representing someone we’ll get around to electing when we finally break down and admit we need to get started on that whole governmental organization thing… until then we won’t worry about it too much.

i realized yesterday that i am extraordinarily blessed with friends and acquaintances who are writers, from Rie to Rachel, from Matt to Mike to Mark to Mikey, from Tino to Traci to Tom, and Sherry, Jason, Henry, Carlos and Aaron… folks, i appreciate you all. i spent part of last night, as i was drifting off to sleep, just being thankful. it was a good feeling, and a lovely way to go to sleep.

in the ongoing saga of things that don’t work right anymore, my sound, and possibly my soundcard, are still AWOL.
my machine is rebooting after getting a “Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needed to close” error message, shortly followed by another message that i’ve written down twice and cannot find anywhere after the great cleaning/reorganization of the desk in preparation for either hauling the computer off somewhere to be looked at or having someone come in to look at it.
replacement parts to correct the issues my new desk chair is having are on their way.
the xbox 360, which we’ve had since ’05 or ’06, has been showing signs of its age (and the metric fuckton of use it gets). when the $50 network adapter went belly up, Dorris and i decided to go ahead and replace our old unit with the new Xbox 360 250GB S console, which has its own built in wifi hookup. as it’s smaller, sleeker, and all black, i am referring to it as the ‘slick black Cadillac’ and touching myself in an impure manner at the thought of it.

work on my blog post concerning Mother’s Day, a Lovecraftian pastiche starring Shub-Mommerath, is one of those projects i haven’t finished yet.

well, a supper of Tex-Mex comfort food, and i’m a-gonna close this. all-in-all, the state of the Jim is pretty good, considering…

Listening to: my wife play Civ V because my sound is AWOL
Mood: passable… optimistic… at peace, for the moment

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