So There I Was, Trying To Pull My Foot Out of His Ass…

The title of this post has nothing to do whatsoever with the content – deal with it. Nothing newsy or personal in this one, purely me catching up on places to submit. On to market listings…

Under the Cape (romantic/erotic superhero, deadline 11/1/12)

Show Us A Better Way (contest, deadline 8/15/12)

Arcane II (weird and unsettling fiction, deadline 9/30/12)

Tales of the Time Machine (sequels to Wells’ “The Time Machine”, deadline 10/15/12)

just for those of us who occasionally need a writing prompt to jar us loose…

A Six Pack of Stories (fiction about beer, deadline 10/26/12)

Buzzy Magazine (SF/F/H short stories, ongoing)

Suddenly Lost In Words (YA, any genre, ongoing)

Morpheus Tales Apocalypse Special Edition (end of the world, deadline 12/31/12)

Doorways to Extra Time (stories about :: gasp :: the acquisition and impact of extra time, deadline 10/15/12)

Abbadon Books (SF/F/H novellas, month of September)

Pulp Empire (themed anthologies, varying deadlines

Tu Books (SF/F/M YA, ongoing)

Every Day Fiction (Flash, any genre, ongoing)

May December Publications (varying genre anthologies, novels, varying deadlines)

Circlet Press (genre erotica, varying deadlines)

Urban Green Man (mythology of the Green Man, deadline 11/30/12)

Specutopia (e-mag, ongoing)

Lightspeed (SF/F, ongoing)

Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan Poe (LGBT Poe, 10/31/12)

Glimmer Train (short fiction, varying themes, ongoing)

Listening to: “A Dark Knight” – Hans Zimmer
Mood: not overly impressed with the whole “being awake” thing

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