So, On With Things…

a general update on writing around here…

so, after waving at several deadlines as they went whizzing past (sorry again, Sister Becky), right now the only active deadline i’m facing is a steampunk air pirates story by the end of the year – this of course means i’ll forget about it until the very last minute.

not on a deadline (as such), chapter 64 of “oil” (probably 75% done), my noir novel (no fuckin’ idea anymore how close or far i am from finishing a first draft on that one), plus the usual backlog of Really Good Ideas that i’m sure i’ll get around to some day… if i live 500 years…

one of the deadlines i missed gave me quite a chunk of world-building for a fantasy world – the sword and sorcery type – but that idea isn’t exactly setting a fire under my testicles at this time.

i’m kind of adrift right now… other than getting 64 finished, there isn’t anything really sizzling in my brain… hell, there’s no story ideas even warm at the moment. of course, as any of my fellow writers know, that shit can change at the drop of a hat… any hat… anywhere on earth.

still, it’s a disquieting feeling.


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mood: sleep and somewhat out of sorts

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