“Robopocalypse: A Novel” by Daniel H. Wilson

the biggest problem with this waste of electons/paper is explained at the end in the author’s acknowledgments…
“The filmmakers at DreamWorks SKG expressed inspiring enthusiasm and support for this novel from the very beginning, and I send my thanks to them all.”
i can hear the pitch now… “a story like Max Brooks’ “World War Z”, but with fewer POV’s, robots instead of zombies, and it’ll be written so as to be real easy to translate to film”.
so it’s a novelization for a movie that hasn’t been made yet… a spec script in prose form… a limping, mutated, abortion afterbirth with two dimensional characters, so many cases of “plot points for authorial convenience” that suspension of disbelief is impossible, pure fantasy wrapped up in a bright and shiny science-fiction Halloween costume.
i’ve had hallucinations that were more believably plotted… hell, they were more believable period. i’m sure that Daniel Wilson, an expert in robotics, knows his shit when it comes to realistic robotic constructions… but he don’t know shit as a writer.
all of that, y’know, just my humble opinion…

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Mood: pissed off that i wasted money on this piece of shit

3 thoughts on ““Robopocalypse: A Novel” by Daniel H. Wilson

  1. Joeceff read it and didn’t care for it at all, even if the author is from Tulsa. He recommends World War Z highly; said this is just a rip-off of it. Both are going to be movies; I think Brad Pitt is staring in WWZ.

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