Public Indecency

okay, first off, let’s get a bit of the air cleared right away.

i have problems with concealed carry laws, because although getting a permit to do so is not easy, i’m still uncomfortable with the thought of people walking around with firearms when i can’t be sure of their intentions. but the problems i have, they’re minor, really.

as opposed to my problems with open carry.
i’m one of those people who find armed folks walking around rather nerve-wracking, even if they’re the police (sometimes especially if they’re the police), and when Bob/Bobby Sue walks into the restaurant i’m patronizing or the store i’m shopping at, or even on the same street i’m walking on, carrying their weapon, i’m not going to think “well there’s a proud American, exercising his/her Constitutional right to bear arms”.
i’m thinking “holy shit, is this person gonna open fire?”

and when i see people walking around with their rifles, shotguns, semi-automatic rifles on their backs, it offends me.
i didn’t need to know just how small their dicks are. really, i didn’t. don’t wanna know. don’t care that the Creative short-changed them in the equipment department, the long weapon’s not fooling anyone, put it back in its case, zip up (figuratively), Put The Penis Away.
and fair warning to any store or restaurant i’m in – you let folks open-carry inside, and i see it (i’m hypocritical enough to deal with just knowing you’re allowing it), you have lost me as a customer. right then, right there, leaving. if it’s a grocery, i’m leaving the cart right where it is. if it’s a restaurant and i haven’t already paid… well, we’ll see what happens about that check. if i have the cash, you may get money dropped at the register in the approximate amount of my check. if i don’t… you may well be fucked, but i’ll tell you why i’m stiffing you as i leave. if you want to file charges, have at it, Alfie. there’s a potential armed threat in the vicinity, i’m getting the fuck out post haste.

because there’s no way to tell, and i have no desire to become a statistic of American gun violence.
of course, if it’s a killer, i’ll probably know pretty quickly, and if it’s not, yay, the terrorists win, another anti-gun Liberal chased away from pollutin’ the air of Real Amurricans.
but i take my Pyrrhic victories where i can get ’em.


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