Pondering Cooking and Writing… And Of Course, Other Stuff

see, i’m looking at chopping 1000 words or so from a western story i wrote so i can submit it to a magazine that, should it actually get off the ground, would pay… my writing partner Rie said something to the effect that “as i remember, there’s some fat in there that could be trimmed”…
not that i’m arguing this particular usage of that phrase, but it occurred to me that in cooking, ‘fat’ = ‘flavor’… if we pare away all the fat, it’s a pretty bland piece of meat, and i can theorize that in a story, that same principle could hold true.
that’s not to say that a story with a high fat content is good – may suck – but one with too little fat might feel sparse and in the drive to pare down a story, the author’s distinctive voice might be lost. again, not thinking that’s the case in this story, whether i trim it or no, but just speaking in generalities. it would seem to me that any given story requires ‘x’ words to lay out the bare bones of the story, ‘y’ words to flesh it out and make it interesting, and ‘z’ words to finish giving it that distinctive voice of the author (note that i don’t think ‘voice’ comes solely with ‘z’ – i’d imagine ‘x’ holds a small amount, ‘y’ somewhat more).
just thinkin’ on that… ya know?

watched an episode of a program called “first person singular” on architect i.m. pei… if architecture has to have someone who typifies it in any given era, i’m glad pei’s pretty much got that sewed up. i might not like all his work, but i like him a lot (as opposed to frank lloyd wright, who probably should have been shot for excessive assholedness several times in his life… perhaps yearly).

started watching a doc series on the first world war tonight, not realizing that we were doing so on the anniversary of the shooting of archduke franz ferdinand… the universe, she is the synchronicity some times.

i desperately need to come up with something for naming-the-world writing exercise this saturday, got an off-week ‘abusing the universe’ writers group meeting friday night, need to finish the first chop and hack pass at ‘billy brendan’ so i can submit it, need to finish/at the very least get some more written on ‘falling angels’.

have almost finished ‘The Ladies of Trade Town’, am still working on Gail Wolfe’s ‘A Cottage by the Stream’, not to mention whatever i’m reading on the Kindle.

it’s july 4th weekend so lee is out of town (no gaming) – dorris and i may go catch some movie NOT premiering this weekend… may just stay home and hide out from the sharp, spiky thing in the sky.

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