One of Those Periodic Update Thingies…

okay, a little behind on my blog posts… as usual…
Saturday, 2/11/12, “Shoptalk” at Cen-Tex (please dear God can we change our name now that we’re out of business cards?) was chock-full of people and it was fun and interesting and inspiring as always. i have been blessed to join a group so diverse and creative.
then it was (very slowly, ’cause herding writers is like herding cats) to Mike’s for a short documentary on a New Hampshire writers group, “Mondays at Skimmilk” – they deal, it seems, primarily with poets – which is cool because poets are real underrepresented in Cen-Tex (we sound like a goddamn cement company) as most of us have no idea how to critique poetry.
then it was on to our feature, Woody Allen’s film “Midnight in Paris”.
fell in love with it. fifteen minutes in i knew i’d be getting it on blu ray as soon as i could afford to do so. fell in love with the soundtrack. and of course the plot is geared to drag writers in, kicking and screaming. wonderful cast, wonderful characters, stunning locations, and lots of small performances to cherish (Corey Stoll as Ernest Hemingway is unbelievably delightful).
i normally have issues with Woody Allen films, as i like to maintain an exceedingly low level of New York neuroses in my personal headspace, but this one is divine. cannot wait to watch it again.

all right, we’ve got a lot to get through so we’ll keep these short…

Paul Grossman’s “The Sleepwalkers” – Jewish police detective in Berlin during the last days before Hitler comes to power, looking for young women who have been spotted sleepwalking through the city at night before disappearing completely. brilliant, gives an incredible sense of Berlin in those final desperate days, cannot wait to see more of Grossman’s work – his next book will be the prequel to this one.

Diane Duane’s “So You Want To Be A Wizard?” – i am delighted by this first book of her young wizards series and have people i trust telling me the series continues to be entertaining. i hate to think of it this way, but if her bank account hadn’t been emptied by miscreants, i wouldn’t have discovered this series so… i’m glad they did… kindasorta, ’cause that sounds so wrong to say.

Melanie Fletcher’s “Random Realities” – Melanie is a sweetheart and has such a clear authorial voice that her personality shines through a majority of these stories, to great effect. it’s a mixed bag of genres and moods, but all of it’s good. and since Melanie is self-pubbing, the price is very reasonable in ebook – go buy it and enjoy – you won’t be sorry you did.

Robert Jackson Bennett’s “The Company Man” – okay, it seems a lot of reviews label this as steampunk “because it has airships in it”. No. bad reviewers. airships do not steampunk make. the Hindenburg was an airship – it was Not Steampunk. this would be more “dieselpunk” – a dark (very damn dark) dystopian noir tale of the (apparently) paranormal and weird science, combining into an involved mystery that at a certain point seems inevitably destined to end in tragedy, pulling out hope at the very final moment. i highly recommend it, it didn’t make it onto numerous ‘best of the year’ lists for no reason.

Janet Evanovich’s “One For The Money” – got this because of the film coming out and it’s such good fun – can’t wait to read the rest of the series. New Jersey woman with no training becomes a bounty hunter – memorable characters, witty dialogue, believable situations in the vein of “yeah, things could get that fucked up that fast”… i recommend it.

Kim Newman’s “Professor Moriarty and the Hound of the D’Ubervilles” – okay, if you’re a Kim Newman fan, you’re already drooling – if you aren’t a Kim Newman fan, you should be. the story of Col. Sebastian Moran’s long affiliation with Professor James Moriarty. of course, Newman being Newman, lots of other characters from stories set in the same period show up, although there’s surprisingly little of that Baker Street fellow. highly recommended.

Kristin Simmons’ “Article 5” – the war comes – Right against the Left, and the Fundamentalist Fascist Fanatical Fucktards win. Article 5 of the Moral Statutes declares that women who are unwed mothers, as well as the offspring of any such pregnancy, are subject to trial. our heroine is an Article 5 offspring. for me there may have been a little too much romance – it was well-done, don’t get me wrong, but it was the world Simmons created that drew me to the book. by the end, i’d had a really good read and i want the next book now.

Lance Henriksen & Joseph Maddrey’s “Not Bad For A Human: The Life and Films of Lance Henriksen” – an interesting if someone quick read. Henriksen is a genre icon and this book explains a lot about him and his method of acting… i might have wished for something more in depth, but it’s entertaining and enlightening enough to be worth the price.

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  1. Okay, I’ve been avoiding Evanovich ’cause she’s mainstream and I don’t usually like mainstream… avoiding that Duane series ’cause I think the title is to gag for. I’m going to open up both of them ’cause of your recommendation. If they don’t prove out, I’ll blame you.

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