One of “Those” Days…

today, i received an anonymous email from a reader of my porn…

“Taking too long — just deleted all refrence to your stories”

while i understand their frustration and anger, my first, second… hell up through my first thirty-seven responses were nowhere close to understanding.
my porn/erotica writing is a hobby – i don’t get paid for it, except in ego-boo from my fans and their support of my commercial efforts, and so i tend to get a little pissed off when the readers of my free stuff start thinking i owe them anything other than what i’ve promised them. for the readers of “Oil”, i’ve promised i will finish that story, up through the major characters’ wedding and reception – that i owe them – but i didn’t put that on a schedule. to their frustration and mine, it’ll be done when it’s done.

so, ‘anonymous’, while i have no problem empathizing with where you’re coming from, please feel free to suck syphilitic leper dick. i hope you have a lovely reincarnation as a child prostitute in Cairo. 

Listening to: Aaron Copland, “Five Songs from ‘Old American Songs’, 4 (I Bought Me a Cat)”
Mood: minorly perturbed

2 thoughts on “One of “Those” Days…

  1. Unfinished porn is most of the long porn on Storiesonline. If’n he cain’t take th’ heat, he sh’d git th’fock outta th’kitchin.

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