Okay, My Saturday Morning Piss-Off…

so i’m sitting in my favorite little coffee shop in Round Rock, and it’s pretty quiet, not a lot of customers here in the back, and i’m listening to opinionated, bigoted God Clods attempting to translate the Bible from its “original” languages into English for themselves – and that’s okay – ambitious but okay – and comparing their results with the various ‘official’ translations.
The problem is that they’re interpreting the Jewish religion, it’s practices, beliefs and traditions, through the filter of Christianity – the Old Testament priests gesture three times, representative of the Trinity (a bullshit doctrine with no real Biblical backing), instead of acknowledging that three is a special and holy number in numerous religious and mystical traditions. They’re commenting that the Jewish sacrificial traditions – given to them by God… and further ‘refined’ by generations of Jewish scholars… are “too close to Voodoo”.
folks, i love theology, i love discussing it, playing with it – but it’s purest arrogance to assume anyone has a lock on the truth, further arrogance still to interpret all of history, as well as other religious traditions, through the filters of your religious beliefs – facts aren’t important, we’ll shape them to fit our belief systems. they’re babbling just this side of anti-Semitism, good ol’ Christian fascists, advocating an American theocracy because God and the Founding Fathers were really tight, thick as thieves and we’re on the road to hell, the Westboro Baptists are extreme, but they’re not wrong about a lot of things (which is hilarious as one of the students is pegging my Gaydar all the way to the peg).

makes me wanna start bitch-slappin’ people with a cast-iron frying pan.
the friend i’m here to meet has showed up and the God Clods are leaving.
really, these people are sooooooo far into their bullshit they cannot see the world in any other way…

Listening to: whatever the hell’s playing at StarCo
Mood: happy visiting with my friend now that the morons are gone

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