My Independence Day Weekend

okay, first off, a good Abusing-The-Universe meeting friday night, then a really good Naming-The-World workshop saturday morning. the writing exercises were about getting started, which in some of them involved starting from your own biography and fictionalizing it… made for some interesting submissions. i may well get a story out of my efforts.
the rest of saturday was relaxing… and looking at the notes, comments and edits proposed by Rie on “Saving Molly”.
sunday morning, i got a message that she’d completed an edit removing, all told, about 850 words from “The Hunt for Billy Brendan”. courtesy of her efforts – the crazy woman actually enjoys this degree of copyediting… as long as it’s not her baby under the knife 😉 – “THfBB” got sent off to sunday morning.
then it was time for me to look at her suggestions for “SM” and give it a final working over… before self-publishing it for Kindle with Amazon. yeah, i’m celebrating Independence Day with some independent publishing…
self-publishing with Amazon is really pretty easy – kinda like hooking up with the girl at the party who keeps announcing “I’m SO drunk!” (the traditional fill-in-your-least-favorite-university sorority sister mating call). it was interesting, and didn’t require too much skull sweat, except for coming up with my author’s notes for the end and some minor revision of my author bio.
next, i’m looking at formatting it for Smashwords… this is, at this point, an ongoing process. formatting for Smashwords is like hooking up with the girl at the party who’s very hot, finds you attractive, but is going to make you work for it. it’s going to be worth it, but you’ve got to do more than just show up and say ‘Hi’…

elsewhere this weekend, my contributor goodies from supporting the Kickstart project financing the photo book “Nevada Rose – Inside the American Brothel” – a hand-written thank you from Marc McAndrews, the photographer on a postcard with a photo from the book and a promotional poker chip. i’m much more excited that i ordered the book from Amazon – portraits of the women, the owners & the customers – as well as the interiors and exteriors of all of the brothels in Nevada. along with the book “Brothel – Mustang Ranch and its Women” – which is a must-read for an understanding of a legal prostitution system – it will provide an interesting counterpoint in my library to “The Ladies of Trade Town”.
i really like the whole Kickstarter idea and with just one exception, i’ve been very pleased with the projects i’ve supported.

today i haven’t done much except get some writing done and wash some dishes – i was going to continue my wrasslin’ with Smashwords, but the readers of my Soap Opera From Hell, “Oil of Roses”, have been patiently waiting a new chapter since Christmas, and today was evidently the day to pick up all those characters and plotlines and get started on Chapter 60.

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