Last Week’s Blog Post Finally Shambling Into View

“Drummond looked down at the .45 in his hand, imagining a trail of smoke streaming from the barrel. He was avoiding looking at the woman, noisily expiring from the large hole he’d blown through her chest. There wasn’t any way to escape what he’d done except to run, and the last 48 hours had left him tired of running: running from his job, from a string of loan sharks, from the two hitmen trying to do him in, three ex-wives with all the fury women scorned could summon, and not least of all from Delia – the woman dying in the dirt before him.
“It had all seemed so simple when she’s opened the door to his office, “Raymond Drummond, Private Investigator”, and asked for his help to find her husband.
“As so often happened, the more simple a thing appeared, the more complex it really was.”
 – “The Corpse Wore Satin”

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