I’ve Been A Bad Blogger…

Been neglecting this blog a lot… but given what life’s been up to the last half of this year, I think I’ve earned a pass.

As I solemnly promised I would do, here is a review of April L. Hamilton’s ebook for the Kindle, “Overshare”.
A year of a young man’s life as portrayed through his social media – FacePlace, twiddle and his personal blog. It’s an interesting idea and Ms. Hamilton carries it off… 95% of the way through. I feel the final change in the main character’s life gets the short shrift – the clues are there, but as someone who’s gone through that change twice in his life (damn, avoiding spoilers is difficult) I feel it would at least merit a blog post, even if it were a second, third, or fourth attempt to convey the news in a neutral manner.
In no way meaning to damn with faint praise however, any story that works 95% of the time is way ahead of the curve, and I enjoyed the ride all the way through.
Warning to those who know my normal tastes in reading – this is not a genre story. Straight fiction, no chaser, and well worth the reading. Available here:

the diddling and dicking about on selling Mom’s house continues. i can’t fault the estate executor though – her mother’s been in and out of the hospital several times in the intervening months, and just keeping her shit together and her head halfway on straight right now is a Big Job.
i can blame the woman in charge of the estate sale though… she still hasn’t gotten the leftover crap cleaned out so the house can be cleaned, pictures taken and listings posted – i figure she’s cost me a month’s interest on mom’s reverse mortgage. that money is a famous movie with Clark Gable & Vivian Leigh…

so, the rental room is rented at least through February (giving us breathing space to get mom’s house sold), with the installation of 7 new windows (out of 13 in the house) i’ve been able to get bookshelves and such out of the middle of rooms and walkways… i’m much calmer now. things are slowly getting put where they belong, at this point i’m not going to rush it because i’ve got enough other shit on my plate as it is.
i think i’ll get the steampunk vampire anthology submission done and in by the end of the month…
i got a completely impromptu story submission to the Austin Chronicle Short Story Contest done in 4 days – that’s starting cold, by the way, not even knowing there was a contest until last Saturday morning, and mailing the entry off this morning. what’s more impressive is i think it’s a good story and may have a shot at placing in the competition…
my patient Yahoo group members are getting Chapter 60 of “Oil” finished for their Christmas present… now, it ain’t gonna be finished by the 25th, but once the anthology submission is finished and out the door, there will be nothing else on my plate, writing-wise, except finishing that furshlugginer chapter. 48,000 words already… God knows what it’ll be when i finish it.

boofintilia – it’s not a word, but it needs to be… accepting suggestions for the definition thereof.

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  1. BTDT with an estate. Hope to NEVER go through it again.

    How are you and D doing? Hopefully Christmas will be better this year.

    Take care,

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