Good Morning, One and All…

So, it was a long, but overall fruitful, Work-In-Progress meeting… about four hours long, so my nap time was pretty much eaten away. Worth it, however, as several very good points were raised about the story I’m workshopping. Rie came over 5-ish and we talked – okay, she spoke coherent English, I spoke fluid Zombie – but we managed to bridge the communication barrier. Lovely supper of sausages for ‘hot dogs’, both regular and jalapeno (mmm, jalapeno) and watched “Watchmen – Director’s Cut” as Rie hadn’t seen it and Dorris and I hadn’t gotten around to watching the BluRay copy Lee got me a while back.
Then Jim went to bed, after the apparently-mandatory-meander-about-like-a-senile-bastard period, which lasts about half-to-three-quarters of an hour. Now, as of 4:30, after five hours of sleep, Jim is awake again. Don’t you wish Jim would quit speaking of himself in the third person? Jim wishes he would.
Got a pot of de-caf chirping at me… ah, life is better now.
I sometimes wonder about the effect one of my medications has on me – I lie in bed, completely coherent, not wanting to get up, ideas flooding my brain. Once I’m up though, my mind gets foggy and I can pretty much kiss all those nice, intelligible ideas I had ‘good-bye’. Odd… why should being upright make such a difference. (And yes, I’ve been altered enough times over the course of my life to know the difference between “thinking I’m sober/coherent” and “sober/coherent”… vast difference.)
More later…
Y’know, someday I need to just sit down and have a Zack Snyder fest – “Dawn of the Dead”, “300”, “Watchmen” and “Sucker Punch”…

Listening to: Requiem K626 – W.A. Mozart
Mood: brain-fogged and bleary-eyed – but better than yesterday

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