General Running-On at the Mouth

somewhat crappy realization – going through my LJ archives and reading posts from the last time i thought “first star” was in its final editing pass. then again, i suppose i really shouldn’t bitch too much – nobody ever said that turning a story written as episodic erotica into a coherent story was going to be easy.
same for “on a road going nowhere”…
’cause if anyone had ever said that, i’d be looking for them, wearing my boots, intending to plant one of said boots in their genitalia with all the force i can muster.

tonight should be an interesting ‘abusing-the-universe’ meeting… or not. i dealt with a perpetual thorn in my side in the critiquing process by simply ignoring said thorn – it really wasn’t worth my time in the first place. being me, that means i’m feeling somewhat guilty about it… being me, i will get over it.

lately, aside from a little Paul Horn, the music seems to be Ry Cooder & V.M. Bhatt’s “A Meeting by the River” on ‘repeat’. restful, beautiful, unobtrusive.

well, time to get ready for ‘abusing-the-universe’… later, kids

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