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Scrawled on the Padded Walls

Eternal Serial Chapter

When I was, briefly, going to be letting Eternal Press publish “First Star I See Tonight” in ebook format, there were plans to publish a serialized Steampunk/Victorian adventure story on their website with each chapter written by a different EP writer. The idea died, but I really liked my chapter, so here it is. As set up, Julia, Victorian Adventuress, and her dinner guests are fleeing something otherworldly that Julia either summoned or created. Not erotic.


I don’t write fan-fiction, except on the very rare occasions when I do. This is set in the world of the online multi-player role-playing game “City of Heroes”. No erotica, some violence and disturbing imagery.

Jurasshole Farts

Rednecks, time travel, dinosaurs – whooo boy! Written for a very specific anthology, not accepted, set-up and further explanation as an intro to the story. No erotic content.

Stockholm Syndrome

A young man and his sister attempt to rob and rape a woman living all alone, but the tables are turned and punishment is exacted. Kinkily erotic, violent, disturbing. Honorable Mention at, 2000-Word Short Story Contest.