Finally Writing Again…

Not writing much, only 1600+ words so far, but it’s more than I’ve written in quite some time. “Funny” scene occurred to me last night in one of the periods when I wasn’t sleeping (there were quite a few of those) and so it’s the opening scene of a story set in an alternate universe to the major universe I write in. (“Oil”, “First Star”, “On a Road Going Nowhere”… all are set in the same universe.)

I’m thinking that as far as major stories/pieces/works (such as they are), this makes three that I write in. Those two and the Steampunk timeline of whatever-the-hell-that-story-ends-up-being-called… short stories aren’t necessarily set in any of the three.

Not that I’m worried about any of that for any reason other than it’s one of those odd little obsessive things I’m occasionally heir to… “what world is this story set in?”

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