Enough Screaming Already…

We live in a world of polarization – it’s immaterial as hell who raised their voice first, polite discourse is almost a forgotten concept and there’s way too many people screaming, yours truly among them, screaming their ideologies at others who aren’t listening just like we’re not listening and it’s a cacophony of venom and bile and we’d  all like to leave it behind if we could but the other side won’t let us and they’re so wrong, why can’t they see they’re wrong, why won’t they listen…

Stop. Just stop and be quiet. Listen.

Those sounds, the sounds of two people making love… good. No, don’t think about who’s who and what’s what! Just listen. Listen to the passion, listen to the union of two into one, listen to the pillow-talk, listen to the sound of soft caresses on skin. That’s good… that’s special.
That’s what love sounds like. Who’s who and what’s what doesn’t matter if you listen closely enough and hear the love. Any time you’re tempted to put faces and genders on it – shut up and listen. Don’t start talking, don’t start thinking – for heaven’s sake, don’t start screaming.
Just listen.

In the quiet, there is truth. In the quiet, there is time to breathe, time to relax, time to let go of what you think and listen.

Those sounds, the sounds of two people crying together… that’s precious. Leave the gender stereotypes out of it, don’t even ponder gender. Two souls in are sharing their pain and in so doing, they’re lightening each other’s burden. That’s precious… that’s holy.
Listen to the way the sound of their sobbing changes, from open to muffled, as someone holds someone else tight and the tears fall on a shoulder or neck. They may not be able to change a thing but they can share each other’s pain and that’s compassion. Compassion is holy.
Just listen.

In the quiet, there is peace. In the quiet, there is time to feel, time to let what is real wash over you, time to find clarity out of illusion and listen.

Those sounds, the sounds of two people laughing together… that’s a blessing. Here, we’re on safe ground, doesn’t really matter who’s laughing with whom or why. Not catty or snide or mean or hateful or rude, just the sounds of honest, joyous laughter. That’s a blessing… that’s salve for the soul. The bubbling eruption of life itself, opening wide their mouths and sharing their happiness with the universe, life giving itself to life, joy multiplied by itself ad infinitum, laughter without end, amen.
Just listen.

In the quiet, there is purity of purpose. In the quiet there is purity of form. Silence thoughts of who and why and how, and  just listen to the purity of love, of compassion, of laughter. The participants don’t matter and cannot affect the inherent Truths. Love is Good, Compassion is Holy, Laughter is a Blessing.
Period, end of statement.

Now we’re all going to start screaming again, it seems to be unavoidable, but for just a moment, from time to time, remember the Truths in the stillness – love, compassion and laughter – and how in the face of those three, all other considerations are immaterial.

Listening to: Jephte, oratorio for 6 voices & continuo: XVI – Giacomo Carissimi
Mood: still and at peace

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