Dreams and Nightmares…

wow, been a long time, hasn’t it?
i’m a bad blogger. i really suck at keeping these things even remotely current.

so last night i had a doozy of a dream, that turned into a nightmare, and then back into a dream again, and it got me to thinking about dreams.
some interpretations i look at and go “you been spendin’ too much time navel-gazin’ “, but there are a lot of generally-accepted and common-sense interpretations that i put stock in.
standard situations in mine are being lost, and being separated from friends and family while enduring uncomfortable situations where such support would be a good thing. other common themes are being in college, since i’d love to be continuing my education, and attending conventions, because that’s something i really enjoy doing.
oddly enough, given my dislike of large crowds of people, such crowds don’t show up in my dreams – at least not that i remember.
anyway, so last night, i was attending a convention in Las Vegas… a Las Vegas that was apparently located in Tennessee from the scenery later in the dream, and as almost always happens, i got lost. finally found my hotel room where a bunch of very old friends of mine were laying about in states of drunken incomprehension. i had missed the party entirely. so the only one still awake, who was trying to clean up the suite, got talked into driving me to a liquor store… in the middle of the night… that wasn’t the middle of the night… you know, dream shit. and in there somewhere was talks of the scenic view outside our hotel suite window – an abandoned industrial site and a run-down apartment complex, and the ‘fact’ that the hotel’s windows were mirrored on the outside to prevent sniper attacks on the guests and unable to be opened to prevent losers from jumping to their deaths. but back to the trip for booze.
so we’re driving through lush green forests and farmland, to get to a little shack by a house out in the middle of nowhere, because that was the only place he knew of to get alcohol twenty-four-seven.
that’s when the nightmare starts. the shack was locked tight – no, that wasn’t the nightmarish portion – but while he’s banging on the door to the house, i look up in the sky and the clouds are dark, lightning is dancing between them… and they’re rotating. rotating almost comically fast, like someone put the sky on fast-forward.
i ain’t never seen one for real, but i’ve watched enough shows on tornadoes to know what that means. so as the wind is rising and the rain is falling and lightning is zot-booming all around, there’s a funnel forming and roaring like a sumbitch. we try to find shelter, and are about to break into the house when the owner opens up the door and asks what all the fuss is.
we explain, and he points up to the sky, and the clouds are fluffy and white and slow-moving. we’re dry – never been wet at all so far as we can tell.
he explains the locals like to broadcast the image of tornado weather up into the sky from time to time to scare tourists.
so we buy a couple of bottles of bourbon and head back to the hotel…

if i hadn’t woken up after that, i’m pretty sure there would have been another instance of the infinite parking garage and the hallway labyrinth, two staples of my ‘getting lost’ dreams. but i did.
and ever since then, i’ve been pondering on dreams and the commonalities of theme that a lot of mine seem to have.
tornadoes show up infrequently, but when they do, they sure make an impression. three times in recent years… maybe it’s my unresolved Oz conflicts. 🙂
anyway… just early morning babbling.

listening to: Monte Cook’s new RPG, “Numenara” printing on my printer
mood: contemplative and sleepy

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