Doing It Wrong

so i’m reading an article in Rolling Stone on LGBT youth who are homeless because their families cast them out, and no big surprise, religion plays a big role in why they’re discarded, and it makes me so angry i’m having to read it in short chunks so i don’t grind my denture plates to dust.
here’s the thing, and i’m on sound theological ground here. Christianity, based on Christ, has no place in the hate and shunning business. Christ shunned no one, although he did lay some righteous whupass on those who turned faith into a business (and why don’t we ever hear that sermon in our mega-churches?). in fact Christ never mentioned homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgender people at all.
what he did mention a lot was love.
now my idiot-fuck Christian step-siblings are gonna start screaming about the Old Testament, and the writings of Paul, and i’m gonna reply:

This isn’t Old Testamentianity, and it sure as shit ain’t Paulianity – this is Christianity, and i’m pretty fuckin’ sure if the Creative had wanted an opinion on such matters on the record, It would have had the Son say something about it. Period. End of fuckin’ argument.

so if your religion, or your religious elders, or your religious upbringing are leading you to shun your own children because they’re LGBT, you’re not practicing Christianity, you’re practicing something else. love, that thing Christ spoke about SO much, does not involve casting aside your children because of their sexuality or gender dysphoria.

that’s not love, that’s hate and anger and disappointment, and a whole lot of shit that isn’t their problem. it’s yours, and you need to own it and deal with it yourself, and not try to lay it off on your children as being “their fault”.
your children need your love, your support, your approval and acceptance.
and if you’re using Christianity – or any other religion – as an excuse to deny them that, you’re doing it wrong.


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