Courtesy of an old friend…

Listening to Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle’s soundtrack to “One From The Heart”… never seen the film, not sure if I ever want to (it might not be anywhere near as good as the music), but the soundtrack is pure joy to listen to. To me, it’s always been like listening to a piano-bar-opera, sad and sweet and funny and tragic.

I’m just a scarecrow without you
Baby, please don’t disappear
I beg your pardon, dear

I got a bottle for a trumpet
And a hatbox for a drum
And I beg your pardon, dear

I got upset, I lost my head
I didn’t mean the things I said
You are the landscape of my dreams
Darling, I beg your pardon

 – “I Beg Your Pardon”, Tom Waits

Just another soundtrack I owe Tommie Dunnam a lifetime of thanks for introducing me to.

Listening to: Little Boy Blue – Tom Waits
Mood: wistful

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