Bin Laden Is Dead…

I feel a lot of different ways about this… none of them the “all warm and fuzzy cuz’ I’m an Amurrican an’ this is our whupass” that I think I’m supposed to. 
1) Americans the world over are now bigger targets than we were before… of course, with moron fundies burning copies of the Koran, that ain’t sayin’ much.
2) Our troops in the Middle East are bigger targets than they were before… see above… and that makes me very uneasy – I still don’t believe we should have gone in the first place… I mean, let’s get real. Saddam and his WMD’s were an excuse, we’re pretty much stalled in Afghanistan (feelin’ them ol’ Russian Invasion Blues) – low and behold, we found Osama in Pakistan, where everyone and their grandmother has been saying he was for quite a while… our good ally Pakistan. Not living in a hole, living out in the open… and we’re in Afganistan and Iraq why? 
And as I have an acquaintance headed for Iraq in July, that’s even more unhappy on a personal level.
3) He was a human being… now, I can’t go the whole “the death on any one diminishes us all” route… and if I let my emotions influence me… I remember people holding hands as they leapt from one of the towers – that’s still an emotional kick in the balls anytime I think of it… but Justice is blind, immune to the extremes of emotion and we must strive for Justice.
He was our enemy – but it’s not as if he didn’t have good reason to be. yeah, there are concrete, historically documented reasons we’re hated in that region (world-wide, actually) and how can I completely and totally blame people for hating us when we’ve gone out of our way, as a nation, to give them so many good reasons to?
4) The people who need to know he’s dead will never believe it. A hundred years from now, there will be people who believe he’s still alive, granted immortality by Allah so he can continue the war against the Great Satan.
We have DNA proof. We have photos. Who knows what other proof we have? None of it, not one single shred of it matters. He Is Not Dead.
The burial at sea will only fuel those suspicions. 
And yeah, I’m sure that there are Birthers out there who are convinced it’s all just a ploy to rob them of their thunder… you have no idea how much that depresses me.
5) As a friend of mine, Matt Borgard, said: “Yeah I can’t wait for the magical day that we discover a better fuel source than oil, and the world’s interest in that hellhole of a region just disintegrates.”
Problem is, the fundies will never let that happen since Israel is an integral part of their Map of God’s Final Curtain Call. So we’re going to be involved in that part of the world for the foreseeable future, surrounded by those people we’ve given so many reasons to hate us… hell, at this point, if I was Israel I’d be distancing myself from the U.S. – they’ve already got enough people who want them dead – an issue they exacerbate every chance they get.
But the fundies are going to be so happy at this victory over the Satanic-Cabal-Known-As-Islam that they’re bound to find new stupid things to say and do. This will funnel right back into numbers 1 & 2.

So yeah, we finally got bin Laden, I hope it gives Obama a big boost in the polls, since I still feel he’s better than any alternative the Grand Old Misogynistic-Privileged-Racists can put up, but I’m not getting the whole “My-Crank-Has-Been-Yanked-By-An-Angel” feeling that a lot of people seem to be manifesting.
It’s another day, another man done gone, we’re still in a Recession-That-Feels-Like-It-REALLY-Wants-To-Be-A-Depression-When-It-Grows-Up, the Plutocracy still reigns from on high and really, if you wanna be blunt about it, nothing has changed for the better, quite probably the opposite.

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