And the Monkey Flings Poo at the Switch…

y’know, as gamers, be it console or PC, the programmers of the world have tried their damnedest to teach us a simple concept:
Save Early, Save Often.
Wise words, good words… words that could, for a writer, easily be translated as “Back Up Your Files Early, Back Up Your Files Often”… very wise words, very good words indeed.
This is so when your flash drive horks and tells you it is not formatted and asks if you’d like to format it, you don’t worry, you are not troubled, you say calmly to yourself “Why, I backed up my files just last night, nothing is lost, all is well.”
This is an infinitely better response than the one I’m having right now.
My current response is “I don’t remember the last time I backed up my files…”
That’s not just me wondering if it was this week, or this month – that’s me wondering if I’ve done it this year… because, you know, to me – the lotek proto-primate – flash drives are magic talismans that are forever safe, forever incorruptible.
How, you may be asking yourself, can a reasonably intelligent man such as I make such a silly assumption about flash drives?
Primarily, I take it as an article of faith, because remembering to back up my files regularly is haaaaaard, and it takes time away from important things like playing video games where I know the Motherfucking Rule is SAVE EARLY, SAVE OFTEN!
That’s how I can make such assumptions.
Have a tech-knowledgeable friend advising on recovery efforts, but at this point it’s not looking really hopeful.
The one saving grace, or shred of one anyway, is that a majority of my recent work has been emailed hither and yon, so copies are available for most, if not all, of my work.

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2 thoughts on “And the Monkey Flings Poo at the Switch…

  1. Oh dear. I back up weekly to an external drive. For my stuff I back up to a 2nd external drive.

    For years I also burned to DVD but with hard drives being so large, DVDs are no longer a choice.

    You might consider a SkyDrive account from Microsoft. You get several GB of storage per each login and I’ve got 2 HotMail logins right now. 🙂 Also have a DropBox account but only the first 2 GB is free.

    In fact, for you, a DropBox account would probably work great. You could then just save your work to the shared folder for DropBox and it is automatically backed up. Want to travel? Just connect and get synced to your latest efforts.

    Just a thought. 😀

    And instead of Live Long and Propser (LLaP), we should say Save Early and Often (SEaO).

  2. I’ll have to look into DropBox… there are lots of things involving computers that I don’t get, and when I screw something up because I simply don’t understand it, that’s one thing – I’m pissed, but I cut myself some slack because I’m clueless.
    But I understand saving/backing up files and this really just chapped my ass as it was my own stupidity that brought it on.

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