And the Hits Just Keep On Comin’…

so, a tale of two positions – one we were/are really, really hoping for in Omaha, Nebraska with Union Pacific; the other in Branson, Missouri (which everyone tells us to avoid like the plague).
She was putting off driving up to Branson, which was looking to close sooner, to give Omaha time, using me as an excuse (and she wasn’t far wrong… I could’ve handled her being gone for the drive up, but it would have been rough right now). UP in Omaha wanted to fly her up after the first of the month.
At several people’s advice, including my own, she contacted UP to see if they could fly her in sooner – she’d hate to take a position she wasn’t thrilled with and have to turn around and quit if the Omaha position came open.
Omaha contact said she’d check. Called back and said it appeared they didn’t have an actual chair to put her in right now, and they’d hate to screw up her chance at the Branson position – call them back if Branson didn’t work out.
Hit Number One.
Today she emailed Branson, telling them she could see them at their leisure. Branson filled the position this morning.
Hit Number Two.
She now looks like she was using a mythical position elsewhere as a bargaining chip in a negotiation she isn’t even in (as in, Omaha has offered nothing but another interview) and we’re very much afraid she’s blown any chance with Union Pacific.
Hit Number Three.

The Universe has been kicking the woman I love in the teeth for almost two years straight now, and she’s really tired of it, I’m really tired of it, and to those of you who might keep counseling ‘hope’ as an option… this kind of thing is why we don’t have a lot of that left.

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