A-K-D-Day – Morning

Okay, those of you who don’t know me personally, or for whom it might have been awhile, here’s a look at a Jim-Morning… and a tribute to my friend Matt and the abuse he puts up with for no discernible reason…
Facebook chat:
Matt: heya
Jim: murflegurmph
M: You’re so bright and bright and cheery!
J: i think the 6 AM wakeup call replete with charlie horses in both legs and a mild sinus headache just assraped the bright and bright and cheery right the fuck out of me.
J: you seem to have woken up on the Precious-Pollyanna-Good-Times-Express side of the bed this morning…
M: well it’s a beautiful day, Mr. Reader
J: there’s a rabid wildebeest with an unhealthy interest in your rectum somewhere out there in the world at large, Mr. Borgard… I’m hoping today is the day his dreams come true.
M: hahaha
M: that’s horrifying
J: if you hear the thunder of hooves, don’t bother running – he was faster than you before he went rabid, he’s even faster now.
J: and i would fuckin’ offer up a cunt-licking-kitten to Cthulhu if SOME-FUCKING-WHERE the a-kon site had a rudimentary map of the hotel and surrounding environs
M: no way, it’ll be an adventure
M: treat it like those old games where you had to make your own map
J: after a drive into the heart of downtown Dallas on a hot friday evening i do not want a fucking adventure – i want to park, get to my room, freshen up and change, then have a drink and find friends… nowhere in there is mention one of Adventure…
J: actually i’m trying to get a grip on where the Marriott is in relation to the Sheraton since it looks like the authors are getting together for breakie in the morning, possibly at the Marriott since it’s not the main con hotel, just the first (and sold-out as well) overflow hotel
M: wow, sounds like some fun logistical issues
J: yeah, we’re packing the coffee machine, so i’ll be somewhat fortified at least if i have to go venture out…

you see what he has to deal with? truly a prince among men…

final preparations continue… should be leaving here about 12:30, going to my pedicure appointment (pity the technician) and from there hitting the road. we’ll be stopping in Waco at the incredible, fantabulous Elite Circle Grill for supper, then heading on into Big D…

Listening to: Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy – Jerry Bryant, “The Roast Beef of England”
Mood: not too bad actually

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