A Big Ol’ Chunky Mixed Bag of a Day

SOL contest – closed. Either I misremembered the shut-off for submissions (entirely possible), or they closed early.

A contest closing submissions early? Impossible, you say?

Jezebel contest – I KNOW this one was open ’til the 27th… got swamped with submissions, closed today, as Matt and I were hammering the final bits on our submissions. That, and some advice from my daughter, had me expand the story, “The Lament of Maryam”, from 500 to 874 words, still well within flash fiction range. I’m happy with it, although at present I’m not sure how the new final line will play. Have found two possible homes for it. We’ll see…

The “Oz” anthology story, “Incident at a Kansas Carnival”, was rejected because it lacked a strong, conclusive ending. This is a more than fair judgment, as I ran out of word count before I could really draw it to a satisfying close, so I made do. It will be going up on my website soon, as there’s really not much of a market for “Oz” stories that I’m aware of.

As far as the SOL stories, I’m thinking if Matt, Rie, Tino and I can finish up some good erotic stories on the theme ‘contests’, we may well publish the damn things as a four-story mini-anthology. I need to actually sit down and get this one out of my head, as that’s the only place this story exists at present.

I need to implement changes to “Gone West” courtesy of the feedback from this weekend and see if I can find it a home.

I actually started keeping my record of what has been sent where, when, and what was the disposition of the submission.

It’s been a good, productive day and yet I still feel like it’s been a failure of a day. It’s a “Feel-Like-I’m-Slamming-My-Head-Into-A-Brick-Wall” kind of day.

Listening to: Initiation – Psalm 6 by Paul Horn from “Inside the Great Pyramid”
Mood: rather down

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